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Forum discussions with the word s "hot" in the title:. Save history. Inflections of ' hot ' adj adjective : Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an Women on miami beach book," "a big house.

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Biblioteca, cerveza, arriba, and caliente are common Spanish words that most people can understand.

We hear them on songs and movies all the time, so much so that they have become part of the Spanish speaker stereotype. An honest effort to connect with my culture is always appreciated! This simple word is the root Black women tight pussy which this whole post branches out!

Be careful not to use it to describe attractiveness, though! Saying someone is caliente does NOT mean they are attractive.

Instead, use this word to describe temperature most of all. Calientito is a diminutive expression of the word caliente.

Learn spanish: 4 meanings of hot in spanish

This word describes warm or cozy things, for when the heat is just right. Use this when you want to describe someone who is feeling hot or overheated, probably after a couple of hours in the sun. Free online dating sites canberra usually use this word to describe weather, but you can also use it to describe a person or place that is welcoming. Caluroso is a weather-specific word.

Translation of "looking hot" in spanish

Similar to ardido but without specifically talking about angerenardecido is a past participle or adjective that elevates the mood to a whole other level of excitement and passion. The difference lies in using s rather than z.

It can also be used to describe pain. Fogoso is an adjective that describes someone who has fiery, passionate feelings of love, or they have a fiery, high-spirited personality.

When you want to say food is spicy, use picante instead of caliente. Another synonym for spicy, endiablado actually comes from the word diablo, meaning devil. Free fuck in is a take on the association of spicy food with the devil. A matchstick can be encendido, a fun party can be described like that too!

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An alternate word for this is prendido. The stereotype seems reasonable, we use these words for much more than describing temperature. What was your favorite word?

Did you learn something new? Let me know with a comment! August 30, by Rafael Parra Spanish Vocabulary 0 comments.

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