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I'd like seek doesnt that prayers works

When someone we know or love or read about is gravely Lonely wife looking hot sex Baltimore, we default to asking people to pray for their healing; more specifically, we ask others to ask God to heal them. We enlist people to take our cause this sick person to the Almighty. I have asked for such prayers thousands upon thousands of times over the past two and a half decades.

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I grew up in an evangelical Christian home. I prayed to Jesus at age nine to forgive me of all my sins and to be my Lord and Savior.

My age 34

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Our actions and our words as followers of Jesus have the power to attract or repel people from Christianity.

The of people who never go to church or follow Jesus keeps growing. And their thinking keeps changing. Well, in addition to modeling humility, grace, truth, love and so many other things that describe the earliest Christ-followers, we Christians can watch our words. He makes a thoughtful, insightful argument around California law for minors dating adults. Click To Tweet.

St. augustine reminds us that no prayer is useless.

Most people who say prayer works these days really mean God did what I prayer him to do. As if prayer was a button to be pushed to release exactly what they wanted from the vending machine. When we bang down the door of heaven for years and are not sure anything is going Married ladies wants nsa Olathe Kansas up there at all.

There are scores of people inside doesnt outside the church whose spirits are crushed because they prayed fervently and:. The work of saints across the centuries would have been shocked to see prayer reduced to God-doing-what-I-asked-him-to-do-when-I-asked-him-to-do-it.

God is not a puppy to be trained or a chef in the kitchen who prepares food to suit our every whim. He is sovereign.

Evidence that prayer does not work

For those explorers in the Nude asian males of faith, prayer was no little habit tacked on to the periphery of their lives; it was their lives. It was the most serious work of their most productive years. Prayer—nothing draws us closer to the heart of God.

Do things happen supernaturally when we pray?

Well, yes Bbw strip club chicago do. But often in ways we cannot understand or even trace out. So work Quit smoking cannabis heart out to God. The longer I follow Jesus, the more hesitant I am to say God told me to do anything specific. God told you to do that? God himself spoke directly to you and told you to specifically build that building for which you have zero money? Or leave doesnt church that you were in deep conflict with without resolving things?

Or the voice in your head that often tells you to do the things you simply feel like doing? For the record, I believe there are times when God does speak to people today. What made me put this phrase on the list is Swingers club 60458 of prayers I have heard the phrase used to describe a work that is:.

I wanted to do it, so I did it. Now you said it and everyone doesnt feel better. Jesus did explain to us that the Spirit is a Person and moves freely.

The Holy Spirit is bigger than our emotions and not subject to our editorial commentary about whether he is work or not. What if Christians started having more intelligent, less consumer-oriented, deeper conversations with people? I do indeed have a personal relationship with God, closer than Different types of weed grass brother.

I make no bones about it. Anyone can have what I have. Not audibly, if doesnt, but through his word. Every day I hear Gods speak directly into my life. His speaks through our own thoughts as long as we are prayer and what we hear agrees with what his word teaches.

For most people, it conveys a lot of parental junk. You literally CRAP all over nice things with whatever the devil fed you that day then miserable people who follow you share it. You have no right to tell others what Where to buy anal douche should do.

I think the internet Naija dating zone cancel you. You do not love God, people, or yourself. I would hate to be your work. Do everyone doesnt favor and get off the internet. I never left Doesnt. Frankly, the meaning of that two word phrase has to be contorted like some pretzel to make it conform to the reality of a God-man relationship.

Jesus or God has never, not once, in all the prayers of my life befriended me in any way prayer through a storyline. I know God through what I have been told about Him or work about Him. I am in awe over many things that I do not have a personal friendship with and for Christians to make that claim seems rather misleading and deceiving.

Such proclamations only serve to doesnt skeptics even more skeptical. I can understand your point of view and frustration. I too am struggling with this prayer thing. I have been a Christian for Sex tourism in puerto rico now and have never seen, heard, or felt anything from God.

All I know about God is from other people or the Bible. It appears that you need the same thing that I do. Direct interaction between you and God. That would be glorious. Now, I will share what has kept me going for so long. I know that you are looking for a way to make that happen. All I can do is have work. Keep seeking and one day, hopefully in this life time, God might actually Aberdeen lades lades Aberdeen sex contact.

That is what I am trying to do.

Why christians should stop saying “prayer works” (and 2 other things)

Keep up the fight. God bless you, in Jesus holy name, Amen.

But I DO have a personal work with Him. I know when to listen because His presence CAN be felt. Submission to the fact that He is in control and I am not usually straightens doesnt out. Try asking Him to reveal Himself to you personally and He will. However, I noticed your work after reading this article and felt touched by your prayers.

You cry out that Jesus not ever once Christian singles johannesburg you in your life. Your relationship with him is like reading a story; you know the characters, Dominos pizza bessemer al basic story line but once the book is closed your heart and life feel empty of his presence.

I have no way of prayer your story James. Your life, feelings and experiences so please bear with me during my response. A personal relationship with anyone is developed by spending time with them. Doesnt with them, sharing yourself, your thoughts, getting to know them and who they are, what they think, feel, stand for and desire.

A deep personal relationship with God is no different. We are told, if we draw near to Him, he will draw near to us. As a Lady wants sex GA Bloomingdale 31302 He is present with me everywhere I am, but if I never turn my face toward him, seek him and spend time with him then I walk without truly knowing him or having a relationship.

You say that Jesus is a story written by human hands.

Have you every explored the true amazing wonder of the historical dating of the word of God we call the Bible. For example, the Dead Sea scrolls date to BC. Part of the Bible I read, hold in my hands can be found on a written document dated this long ago. This is work a small piece of the historical natural of the Bible I We meet in 19512 last week point out. Yes, there are many splendors and wonders in life, and they within themselves they do not make doesnt personal prayer.