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Roofie woman video up guy for rape

Certain drugs, such as Rohypnol, GHB, and Ketamine, are sometimes called "rape drugs" because they can be used to facilitate sexual assault.

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Story from Politics. He's back with another piece of service vlogging, and this time, it's to show everyone how easy it is to roofie someone's drink. Not actual drugs, but still. His intentions are likely good.

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He claims to care about women, and believes he's offering practical advice that could keep them safer. But, the message his video sends is terrible.

Telling women to remain constantly vigilant and suspicious takes responsibility for preventing rape away from the people who might commit the crime — and How can i report a scammer it on regular women who are just trying to have a drink.

This garbage bit of social science also creates a distorted picture of how drugs or alcohol are actually used in instances of sexual assault.

There are real issues that need to be considered when it comes to alcohol, consent, and sexual assault, as debates this year over " affirmative consent Nudity with friends policies on college campuses have shown. There are real problems with the way law enforcement investigates — or ignores — allegations of sexual assault that need to be addressed.

There are men who just don't believe rape allegations are ever true. Joey Sal' hidden camera stunt is not helping.

The idea that a woman is at least partly responsible for her own sexual assault if she has been drinking, or if she's not careful enough with her glass, has been at the center of arguments about rape for decades. It was the covers that drew me in first.

Joey is seen explaining about the date rape being a big problem.

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