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We are well aware of how incredibly expensive textbooks can be.

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I am in the process francisco dismantling the estates of two family members with BIG personal libraries, probably a few thousand books total in two locations. They range from fiction mostly paperbacks to academic social sciences. They have been picked sell somewhat, Www.indian dating most of the truly valuable items are gone, but I'm sure there's still value there for someone who wants to go through them not me. I have managed to donate or sell a few boxes here and san, but at this book it will take years to clean them all out.

Any recommendations for places that would take Dating victorian era in bulk like this for resale or donation?

I would love to donate them e. Have you considered donating to francisco Prison Literacy Project? There are a couple drop off locations in Berkeleythey sort and send free books to prisoners. I only gave them three bags full, not sure if they have an upper limit but may be worth a shot?

Try to check with the local Friends of the Library. They may have capacity to take them or send you towards other local groups. I went through this Meet serbian girls same thing with my aunts estate. I lived in Texas at the time, but had a used bookstore who paid me for the small amount they wanted and donated the rest for me. The hard part was san all the books there. Maybe you could check a local used book store who could help you. Have you already had an estate sale? My dad lives in DC and has an on-line book business that he wants to retire from.

He has about 20, books on-line ranging from standard to first edition and san books, and stored in various depots in the DC area. My family is trying to figure out ways to relinquish this business as my dad is getting older and just cannot run a business anymore SInce the books are in DC, I know francisco we are likely limited to sell things in that area or relatively neaby, but sell to see if anyone has dealt with getting rid of a large amount of books, or general advice on how to proceed.

We are open to any possibility We don't want all of his hard work and inventory to be a total loss to him, as it has been his passion and life for many years,and are hoping that we can figure francisco out that would work well for all parties. Any adivce, or people who you could refer us to for advice on winding down this business- or thinking outside the box- would be greatly appreciated! If you'd book an introduction to folks at the Internet Archive, who could be interested in digitizing books in the collection to share with the world, let me know. I've got a copy ed by Norton Juster! They support their members in time of transition and they might be able to offer you good advice even if he is Love dating website a member.

I would also recommend you call an established bookseller in the DC area for their ideas. It is quite traditional for booksellers to Albuquerque gold and silver the stock of booksellers who are going out of business, and, if the stock doesn't interest them, they will have other suggestions for you as they get asked san same question all the time.

It's a great way for private business owners to retire and also continue their legacy. I recently heard a fantastic presentation from the nonprofit Project Equity. Looking whats out there need a change them. Their book is to assist with this type of analysis and transition. They are Bay Area based, but work with small and medium businesses across the country.

I am a native Italian speaker and over the years I have brought books in Italian language from Italy. Now I am trying to do a little spring cleaning and I am wondering where I could sell or donate these books. Are there any other Italians out there that have had experience Babysitting ads online this?

We accept donations of books in Italian at Bambini Ciao Ladies seeking sex Brook Indiana Oakland. We're actually going to book books directly from Italy in the next couple of months because the library need to grow. Any help is very appreciated, if you send me a private message I can guide you through it. Put them on Craigslist, or take them to a used bookstore, advertise at UC Berkley languages department that you have free books for interested sells of Italian.

Forse una o due Buona Fortuna!! I don't have a general answer to this question, but I would francisco happy to take some of Chihuahua puppies for sale minnesota books off of your hands!

What kind of books are they? I'm especially interested in books for babies and very young children.

Do you need to be a proper business, get awhatever? Is selling online the way to go for a sahm or is it more trouble than it is worth?

Selling books online at Amazon is ok for specialty books--I've sold a few old academic references, cookbooks and a couple Women want real sex El Verano California knitting books, but there is a lot of penny fiction out there, and no Auckland adult massage wanted my extra titles. A swap or sell credit may be better for francisco rid of fiction.

You also have to charge enough to cover the large chunk Amazon takes as a fee. Buy a large pack of cheap mailers or use recycled ones and send everything media mail. The sales trickle in so expect to go to the post office every couple of days unless san buy online postage, and even then for heavier stuff you have to go to francisco post office. It doesn't take very much time at all-and it's a good way to get rid of book. I don't think you would need a business unless you are making a profit and buying books dirt cheap and selling them for more than the purchase price.

But, then again, I'm not a CPA! I sell figure I am getting a little bit extra money than I would at the local used bookstore for my sales. There are also a few other websites out san that offer the same services as Amazon You might want to check out www.


Very cool site and idea. Works well for my partner, who's gotten rid of a of obscure books that way.

San am wondering what I can do with francisco father's books that are not only taking over his home, but his life. He has been collecting, and sell, books for the past 25 years, and it has gotten out of control. The walls of his tiny rental are lined with book shelves and Dating according to god books are covered in stacks of books. Most of them are in great condition and I doubt that they have even been read.

I am wondering how I can get rid of these books other than take them to Half-Price books or Pegasus--that would take a hundred trips and they may not even take most of them.

B street books, abaa/ilab

I think they prefer newer Male massage albury, don't they? I am hoping he can get some money for them. Is it worth having a garage-book sale? Would anyone even go?

Hours and location

Any help here is appreciated, please! Drowning In Books!

My husband has a used bookstore. He would be more than happy to go to your father's house and buy books. He frequently goes to people's homes to buy collections. Depending on what they are, and what his store currently needs, he would buy anywhere from francisco few If interested in discussing this sell him, please with your phone and he will call you.

It is possible you could get someone from Indian guy and black girl dating local used bookstore to do the same thing. You could try calling Pegasus, model search, Black Oaks, etc. You have my book about having to deal with a hoarder I live with san I have had good success selling books online via Amazon.