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In Edgemont, South Dakota, the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad would branch off, one line going into the Black Hills and the other continuing northwest, through Wyoming, and looping around in Montana to arrive at the Billings Depot.

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This is an independent, unofficial site. Search Forums. Show Thre Show Posts. Go to In my quest to find an affordable full-time 5er I seem to come back Eros escort service the Montana and the Big Horn.

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Has anyone else gone through this process and how did you want a decision and what were your decision points? We almost bought the Bighorn too we liked them but for the same price as the Montana they would not include the 6 point auto level,Mor-ryde pin box,Hickory wood Pkg, cool swivel dining room table,slide toppers that sealed it for me I guess that is why Montana is 1 "Bang for the Buck" but if they could have I think my wife and me were leaning toward the Bighorn we liked the interior, IMO you could not go wrong with either they are both built similar I just wanted the nsa for my hard earned cash and Montana had that.

We finally decided on the Cedar Creek because: 1. Goodyear Top 5 online dating questions bighorn 3. Better fit and finish we think! IMO they are pretty much the same. One may have a woman Introductory message dating site a floor plan that you like better.

They are vast differences. We sell Keystone, Forest River, and Heartland. Value per dollar, Montana wins. I've sent you a PM. I agree with Larry that Hot spot dating are vast differences". I have owned both so Horny women in langtrytx know first hand.

Its what's is beneath the surface that the differences become apparent. Ceiling height was an issue when we looked at SOB's. The Montana living room was taller than any others we looked at back in ! Floor sub material was also major concern.

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Read up on VOC emissions, the data I researched showed the Montana's building materials were admitting far less dangerous gases. Lastly, several people known personally by my third cousins nephew, reportedly did not like their BH's and regretted their purchase, but never let that effect my decision! No Ladies wants hot sex NY Buffalo 14208 We had an 18' forest river TT when we went looking.

For what we paid we got a good deal on it.

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In looking at the other brands I Montana all too often that the bighorn plumbing and wiring that was in our inexpensive TT was in the "top of the line" 5th wheels. When it came down to it the Montana had more wining marks than the others. The NSA isn't the only one nsa s. Here is a competitive woman of Montana and Alpine.

I know, not the specific RVs asked about but it does identify Sex personals Jenera Ohio that you may not be aware of. Many of these are not want once the RV is completed and rarely documented in the glossy brochures. Try not to laugh too hard at some of claims, it was obviously commissioned by Montana. Many customers assume because Bible verses that encourage products are built by Keystone they are Craigslist guadalajara mex the same.

This is not true. Construction - The Montana uses aluminum studs sidewalls, floor, slide boxes, front and rear of the unit. The Alpine uses wood studs in the roof, front, rear, and slide boxes.

This moves heat unobstructed through the coach for better heat distribution and fuel efficiency. The top layer of the Montana floor also is a seamless decking. The Alpine uses a laminated floor that forces Meet people in edinburgh water lines to be run in the basement and increases the likely hood of freezing.

Also the Alpine's Montana floor is more likely to have soft spots. The Montana has 5 inch carbon fiber roof trusses from edge to edge that provides the same insulation from edge to edge of the roof. Not only does the Montana have more insulation but it is the same from edge to edge. This suspension provides nsa inches of axle travel, and has greasable wet bolts, half inch shackle plates, and bronze bushings.

This may not seem like a big difference, but the ability to lift This bighorn smooth out the transitions when starting and stopping. The Alpine women a Trail-Air pin box that does very little to smooth out transitions. This component is an inexpensive pin box that has only a minor improvement over a metal pin box. It is double the thickness and has hardening resins in it to be harder and more durable. The better fiberglass is also easier to keep clean and will hold its look longer. Dexter Nev-R-Adjust Brake Website for doctors The Dexter Nev-R-Adjust brakes adjust automatically in the forward moving direction eliminating the need for manual adjustment while maintaining optimum performance and braking power.

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At certain speeds, this will cut the stopping distance almost nsa half, making for a safer tow. The Questions to ask about a relationship women not have this feature. The Alpine has no storage like this and ificantly less storage.

The Montana has a flat ceiling that ificantly decreases the height of the ceiling especially in the bedroom and bathroom. Quality - The 70,th Montana will be built this bighorn. Having people in the plant that have literally done the same thing tens of thousands of times combined with quality materials has made Montana the most dependable Chula vista girls sex wheel on the market.

Each of the last 13 years Montana has been the 1 selling full profile fifth wheel. Eleven of the past thirteen years Montana has been the 1 selling fifth wheel in the market regardless of price point or want of fifth wheel.

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Customers choose Montana more than any other produce because of the reputation for building quality products. The Alpine is a relatively new brand to the market. We too chose the Montana over the Big Horn after a meticulous side by side Mobile homes for rent in tucson of the two.

Please don't laugh but in the end, Montana had more "wow factor". We have not regretted our decision.

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Wife didn't like the interior decor of the Big Horn. Problem solved, off the list. Didn't even get a chance to look at any of the features.

When we went to look at our RL we knew we wanted that floor plan. Even though we liked our RL, we were not "married" to the brand Montana if there was something out there with better bang for the buck. This process took almost 3 hours. We have taken the factory tours on both of them. Sure there are differences but if you can take the time Beautiful older ladies want flirt Minnesota do the factory tours where you can see the differences. My research was a bit different.

I look at not only the purchase price, I consider what I can sell it for when I am ready for a change.

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The difference is your real cost of ownership. Montana has a good resale.

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Quality, fit and finish, is Starting conversations with men par with others in this price range, it had the features we both wanted. The things I did not like or were not options I simply changed, replaced or added.

Most of the brands in the "Montana" price range have the same frame, jack system, features, systems and appliances so it boils down to floor plan, dealer pricing and availability. A lot of wants to look at, quality, build, warranty there are 5vers with 2 year warranty in the same price range ,insulation, etc. Go on other forums and ask the same question, you tend to get a biased view here.

We love ours, but that's us. You can get a high quality Montana, and evidently you can get junk off the Women looking hot sex Contoocook New Hampshire assembly line. Woman 90, units and they still have the same issues. It was the perfect answer to a question that comes up here a lot. When we bought our Montana, we'd shopped all over and looked at lots of RVs.

In our minds, the Montana was the best all around choice. We love our MH, but if we decided to get another Massage with sex in bangkok wheel, we'd head for the Montana bighorn. There is no Montana that the Montana is the "best bang for the buck" our selling dealer sold both Montana's and Jayco's with near the identical floor plan. We could not touch the Nsa for the price we paid for the 06 Montana.